Friday, 17 February 2012

New things to talk about: From now on its a fashion blog with a twist!

Well its been beyond forever since my last post, I am such a awful blogger but I really am going to try and weekly blog at the very least , I have decided to expand my content from just fashion related to I little more of my life. I am going to start talking about fitness and body more. If you dont take care of your body the clothes are not going to look good, so I really want to adress this subject. I have been a vegan since I was 8 years old! I get so many questions like what do I eat etc etc etc.... I am a vegan for animal rights purposes but its also great if you want to have self control if you have a tendency to eat out of control!! Currently I am partly happy with my body shape but not 100% I believe you have one life and one chance at a great body so its well worth it to put in the time. There should be no part of your body that you want to hide so in light of this I am going to really up my routine and be fully sculpted my July 1st and yes that includes a 6pac. I am going to use my styl blog here to document my progress! I currently run 2 miles every morning at 6:30am and do some abs stuff here and there but let me tell you this is not enough at all!!! So heres my new plan keep going with the run of course plus weight lifting and cardio training 3 day per week.

Starting tomorrow Feb 18th starts the before and after pics and all that fun stuff...Plus a pic of everything I eat through out that day. 

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