Friday, 25 February 2011


An undeniable mountain trekking theme is running through menswear for A/W 11/12, D.GNAK by KANG.D show was no exception with models hauling back packs equipped with everything from drinking cups to blankets, right down to the unfinished edges gave me a real feeling of outdoor survival. If anyone has seen Galliano's latest menswear collection it too has a very strong unfinished mountaineering theme. I personally love the idea of bringing something so removed from the fashion world to the runway.

paul weller's son

Live Mannequins in the Basement

MR. Start Menswear a bit of a different angle on fashion week. Live mannequins standing in a basement wearing very traditional suits.  

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Charles Anastase

This show was in a rather interesting venue know as the old sorting office, from the out side it looks abandoned with smashed windows and spray painted wood covering the broken windows, inside its a splendid place for a fashion show. I really loved the uneven concrete floor. 

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Yorkshire Pearl

London Based bespoke designer takes LFW by storm. 

While you may not have seen these one of a kind pieces on the runway this year, they are gracing the arms of some of London's top fashionistas… 

Yorkshire Pearl one of a kind bracelets are everything one needs to set their style apart from the crowd. with no two the same and all hand crafted by renowned designer Bert Clayton.  

Yorkshire Pearl bracelets are made from a range of unique and individual items ranging from reclaimed jewels to buttons and just about anything you can imagine… Available at

More of day one

Some of my favorite designers on exhibition, Maria Francesca Pepe Jewelry Amazing....

London Fashion Week Day 1

For the first day of LFW I had the great privilege of experiencing the extraordinary John Pierre Braganza  A/W 11/12 collection, and of course it was everything we expected and more both on the catwalk and up close..


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Costumes and Stratford-Upon-Avon

On Saturday I had the delight of attending the Royal Shakespeare Theatre costume sale. It was both amazing and frightening. The costumes where made to a beautiful original period standard and many had been perviously worn by actors such as Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Ben Kingsley,however the prices were extremely cheap which caused the visitors to go in to a frenzy grabbing at anything and everything. I managed to escape with a rather large bag of petticoats and high wasted trousers, two of my favorite things... Below I'm wearing red trousers from the play Julius Caesar, waistcoat from a musician in Happy End, COS Long sleeve dress and velvet riding cap.